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Lockerz is an invitation-only worldwide community where members can find entertainment, shopping, and a full social network all on one website. Members are rewarded for almost everything they do on the site! Whether it's buying a cool new brand, watching a video, playing a game, answering a daily question or even just logging in. There are currently over 15 ways to earn PTZ (Points), which is the currency on Lockerz. As you accumulate PTZ you will be able to redeem them at the PTZ Place, their online shopping mall. The PTZ place has thousands of prizes ranging from electronics, designer clothing, sports equipment, and so much more! There are currently over 5 million Lockerz members, and you could be one of them! In order to join Lockerz, you need to get invited.  

Is Lockerz a Legitimate Company?

First off I am going to say Lockerz is 100% legit! As a testament to the legitimacy of, its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be Vice President at and the CMO at American Eagle.'s major financial contributors is Liberty Media, an advertising firm that supports, QVC, and also owns a major part of Time Warner. The following video is proof that is a legitimate company and does send you the prizes you redeem!
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Lockerz: 1. Info 2. Invite