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"I discovered this site a little while ago and I'm addicted to it! The overall appearance and user compatibility is amazing! So far I have earned 638 points and I am still earning! I am saving up for something big! It is also so easy to earn points on Lockerz! You have to get started!"

Robert M. - Chicago, Illinois

"While searching the internet for ways to earn stuff for free on the internet I came across this site called Lockerz. Basically what you do is earn points and redeem them for prizes, easy as that. The first couple of days using Lockerz I was earning enough points to redeem a video game! This site is awesome in every way!"

Alex K. - Miami, Florida

"My friends keep telling me to join this site called Lockerz, so I did. I played this game right when I signed up and I already earned 35 points! I checked the prize area and I saw that the video games were only 100 points! I freaked out and I instantly was hooked to Lockerz.  After a couple of days of completing the daily questions and inviting friends I earned 100 points! Incredible site!"
Michael H. - Nashville, Tennessee

"Lockerz is simply Brilliant! I am constantly searching the internet for a website that rewards you for the things you normally do online. Like watching videos, listening to music, playing games, and so much more! I can't explain how great this site is! By watching videos, playing some games, and just shopping in their online shopping mall, I have earned my self a brand new laptop! It's crazy how you can get absolutely free prizes like that! I HIGHLY recommend this website and you have to join!"

Lockerz: 1. Info 2. Invite