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We're so excited to launch PLAY that Dave is literally spinning on his head. (Video evidence soon!) We'll be starting with a small selection of shows and clips so we can get feedback from all our members on what you like and don't like. When we launch PLAY, you'll earn PTZ for watching videos, and Z-Listers will earn double PTZ — so get ready to hear a lot more cha-ching!

Newz Lockerz

Saturday Update: If your friends have had any trouble accepting their invites to Lockerz, or you could not complete a change to your email address, we have repaired the problem! Please resend these invites or redo your request to change your email address. Thank you!

 Thursday 25th February
- Wave 1 = 6.00-7.00pm
- Wave 2 = 8.00 - 9.00pm
- Wave 3 = 10.00 - 11.00pm
-1 chance = 10.00 - 11.00pm
- 2 chances = 8.00 - 9.00pm
                                                 10.00 - 11.00pm
  - 3 chances = All of them


Vineri 26 Februarie
- Wave 1 = 1.00-2.00 dimineata

- Wave 2 = 3.00-4.00 dimineata
- Wave 3 = 5.00-6.00 dimineata

-1 chance = 5.00 - 6.00 dimineata
- 2 chances = 3.00 - 4.00 dimineata
                                                 5.00 - 6.00 dimineata
  - 3 chances = Toate wave-urile

Lockerz 4 Waves February

There Will be 4 Waves (redemptions ) in February including general redemption . General Redemption will be held in end of this month , but there will be " Member Appreciation Redemption " for the first time .

On Feb. 18, members can sign up for the Member Appreciation Redemption which will be held on 25th Feb. This is how it look like .

In Member Appreciation Redemption there will be total 3 waves (redemptions) in 25 th of February . But before that , we have to buy Waves , For 1 Wave cost 100 PTZ , for 2 Waves - 250 PTZ , For 3 Waves 350 PTZ . After u buy wave(s) then you will given the extract time of the redemption . If you buy all 3 waves you'll have better chance of redeeming .

But after this
Member Appreciation Redemption there will be a general redemption for all .

FAQ about Member Appreciation Redemption from Lockerz Blog

Where will the Member Appreciation Redemption take place? Members can log in directly or through through PTZ Place.

What is a wave?

A wave is a set time period when prizes are restocked and available to redeem on

How many prizes can I redeem in the Member Appreciation Redemption?

You can redeem one prize in total, not one per wave. If you redeem a prize, you will be unable to redeem in any additional waves for February, including the general redemption, which we plan to have before the end of the month.

Do I have a better chance at redeeming in the Member Appreciation Redemption or in the general Redemption?

Your chances are much higher in the Member Appreciation Redemption as we anticipate significantly fewer members competing, and there will be three waves and chances vs. the one wave in the general redemption.

So if I use my PTZ in advance, I will definitely get my prize.

No, you are not guaranteed a prize. As in all previous redemptions, prizes are still subject to availability and the most popular items go quickly.

If I don’t get the prize I wanted in the three waves, can I get my PTZ refunded?

Sorry, no. While using your PTZ to gain access to this special Member Appreciation Redemption does significantly increase your chances, we cannot guarantee the prize you want will be available.

When and how can I participate in the Feb. 25th Member Appreciation Redemption?

You can sign up to participate on February 18th, between 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. EST for 24 hours. It will close on Feb 19 between 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. EST. If you want to participate in these special redemption waves, you must take advantage of this opportunity and buy chances on Feb. 18. We will not offer these chances at a later date.

What if I don’t participate in the Member Appreciation Redemption event? Can I still participate in the general redemption?

Yes. The general redemption is for anyone who didn’t participate in the Member Appreciation Redemption, as well as everyone who participated in the Member Appreciation Redemption. but didn’t redeem a prize.

Will you announce the date/time in advance?

Yes. The date for the Member Appreciation Redemption will be on February 25th. Wave Times will be available to those members who sign up.

What if I only want to participate in one particular wave-for example, wave 2?

If you purchase 3 chances, you are eligible to participate in waves 1, 2 and 3, in addition to the general redemption, or until you redeem a prize.If you purchase 2 chances, you are eligible to participate in waves 2 and 3, in addition to the general redemption, or until you redeem a prize.

If you purchase 1 chance, you are eligible to participate in wave 3, in addition to the general redemption, or until you redeem a prize.

What if I sign up for these extra chances and forget to login during the event?

You must login during wave to participate. Logging in during the waves is your responsibility. We will not refund PTZ to people who forget to login during redemption waves.

Where will the redemption waves take place?

When the Member Appreciation Day waves begin, those who have reserved their access on the 18th will see go LIVE, just as it has during the past two redemptions. They will be allowed to enter from this URL directly or through, while members who have not signed up, will not be able to login.

Will I receive a pass or receipt by email if I sign up for the Member Appreciation Redemption?

No. Your email address will be recorded and only those who are participating in the Member Appreciation Redemption will see the site go LIVE during the wave times. Your email address and Lockerz combination is your pass.

May I purchase extra chances and give them to someone else?

No. Chances may only used by the member who purchased them. You cannot “gift” them to someone else.

Can I sign up for more than one opportunity?

No, you can only choose one, so select carefully.

News -
February Redemption News: Lockerz members have let us know they really want to see the prizes in advance of the redemption, so we're making this happen.

Prizes -
3500 PTZ iMac 21.5-inch Computer
2500 PTZ MacBook Air 13-inch - Aluminum
1500 PTZ MacBook Pro 13-inch - Aluminum
1000 PTZ MacBook 13-inch
800 PTZ New iPod Touch 64GB
700 PTZ New iPod Touch 32GB
325 PTZ New iPod Touch 8GB
725 PTZ Apple Magic Mouse
425 PTZ New iPod 16 GB Nano
200 PTZ 4GB Shuffle
675 PTZ Xbox 360 Game System Elite
900 PTZ PS3 Game System - 250 GB
675 PTZ PSP Go - White
375 PTZ DSi Game System - Black
250 PTZ Wii Sports with Console - Games included
100 PTZ PC, PSP , DSI, PS3, wii, Xbox Games
7500 PTZ PayPal Cash Money $5000
5500 PTZ PayPal Cash Money $2000

Lockerz released some pretty interesting information today. February redemption will come in waves, 3 private waves and 1 general redemption. You can order tickets for the private waves 18th February 9 PM to 19th February 9 PM.

The private redemption is on February 25th and the ticket prices are:

1 wave for 100 PTZ.

2 waves for 250 PTZ

3 waves for 350 PTZ

A bit on the steep side but this will probably increase the chances of getting what you want, if you don’t want to pay you can always redeem on the general redemption.

Lockerz: 1. Info 2. Invite